Cheap Locksmith Rates That Make Sense

Our locksmith rates are leave nothing to surprise!

At Lock Jocks Locksmiths, our word is our bond. When we give you a locksmith price quote for a specific service, you can be certain that keep our price locked and honor performing the work at the rate quoted based on the details discussed when developing a scope of work.  Customer service and satisfaction comes first as priority # 1, and our business methodology: Provide the best service possible with fixed pricing; our honor is our bond, Semper Fi. No games, tricks, forceful upselling or gimmicks.

We know and respect that our customers will want to call around for quotes.  If you manage to find another company that is offering to perform the same work for less, feel free to give us a call back, and we will be happy to review and compare the quotes with you so that you’re fully informed about what you’re getting at a cheaper price.  To Lock Jocks Locksmith’s benefit, if somebody else is doing the same work and providing the same quality parts at a cheaper price, we would like to know about it.  We always strive to not only stay competitive in the Saint Charles and Saint Louis market, but to provide the best pricing.  We do this by improving our efficiency of business and demanding the best pricing possible from our vendors.

By only doing right by our clients and providing them with a solution that work for their specific budget and security needs, can we be certain that they will come back to us again in the future.  Word of mouth business that comes from excellent locksmith service is our favorite business to receive.  Our locksmith’s feel a great deal of esteem when customers tell them that their friends and/or family referred them by name.  At Lock Jocks Locksmiths, we are proud to serve Saint Charles and the Saint Louis area, providing protection and increase security.

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